Friday, 2 January 2009

Forward Thinking

FORWARD THINKING AND PREDICTIONSOn Economic Crisis"The first candidate nation for the death of the arrogant capitalism (and brand ) is America, due to the extreme income inequalities compared only with the Great Depression era .."(Costas Kataras, 2007/08,"Nice Capitalism" )
"The rise in economic inequality in the U.S. is the main cause of the economic would be supposed I had forecasted" (Paul Krugman,14/10/2008, NEA/APE/NPR )

On Europe's Supremacy over U.S."Europe with it's "Nice Capitalism", referred mostly to the successful Scandinavian economic model characterised by "market-based", "social welfare" economies with reduced "power distances", "income inequality" and "market polarization", is better placed to replace America as the leading economic power..." (Costas Kataras, 2007/08, "Nice Capitalism" )
"..the U.S. will not enjoy the hegemonic position it has occupied until now.."(Francis Fukuyama,13/10/2008, Newsweek)
".. all agree now that the balance of power in the world economy has shifted , weakening the U.S.-led capitalism... now the hope is in Europe's social welfare economic model.."(BBC in Davos, 29/01/2009 )
On the Future of Brands"Deep rooted forces,as analysed in the book, will have catastrophic effects on the brand which could even cease to seems that the time has now come for arrogant brands to pay the ultimate price for their foolish "psychopathetic behavior".. the death of the arrogant brand is an inevitable fact and a colossal corporate disaster in the making.." (Costas Kataras, 2007/08, "Nice Capitalism" )"..the number of high-performance value-creating brands is diminishing across the board.Yet at the same time, businesses and financial markets keep raising brand valuations.The result? A brand bubble that could send another shockwave through the global economy.." (John Gertzema, Nov 2008, "The Brand Bubble")

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