Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sustainable solutions to significant business, economic, social and environmental challenges

No one needs to be reminded that we live in increasingly turbulent times. New and enduring economic, social and environmental challenges grow more visible and urgent by the day. New ideas and emerging technologies make it possible to do things that weren't possible before. The result is a new hope: opportunities for innovative leaders to develop and achieve breakthrough solutions to significant public problems. Our mission is to help these leaders to achieve sustainable solutions to significant social and environmental problems. We do this in two ways:
# We are part consulting firm (Strategic International), drawing on our talents of advising innovative leaders of organizations who have high aspirations for maximizing their impact.
# We are part think tank ( Costas Kataras Organisation), analyzing and anticipating important shifts in the rapidly changing context that leaders must navigate. In addition, we are a research driven entity. Learn more about our services. Download the brochures below (in PDF):# Marketing Communications Brochure ( Click here ) or/and # Corporate Brochure (Click here) . For more info, please contact Strategic International (London) at: 175 Scott Ellis Gardens Street, NW8 9RS, London (UK), Tel: (+ 44) 796 350659,

“Opportunistic Philanthropy” is the Clear Choice of Entrepreneurs ?

(27/11/2010) The Fidelity® Charitable Gift Fund ("Gift Fund") and Ernst & Young, recently released Entrepreneurs & Philanthropy: Investing in the Future, a comprehensive study which examines how entrepreneurs apply their personal passion for giving to their corporate philanthropy.

The survey of nearly 150 CEOs and founders, reveals that nine in 10 (89 percent) entrepreneurs donate money, both personally and through their companies, to support charitable causes, while 70 percent also donate their time. The majority (61 percent) of respondents believe that being an entrepreneur makes them more inclined to give to charity. Whether corporate or personal, entrepreneurs view "giving back" as an opportunity rather than an obligation.Read the executive summary here.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Healthy food is good for the environment, finds major think tank study

 A healthy diet also benefits the environment, according to a scientific study presented in Brussels today by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN). The study ‘Double Pyramid: Healthy Food for people, sustainable food for the planet’ indicates that foods with higher recommended consumption levels are also those with lower environmental impact. Contrarily, those foods with lower recommended consumption levels are also those with higher environmental impact. The “Double Pyramid” model combines the well-known food pyramid with the environmental pyramid, based on an estimation of the environmental impact of each foodstuff in terms of generation of greenhouse gases (Carbon Footprint), consumption of water resources (Water Footprint) and use of territory (Ecological Footprint). The study was presented during open debate at the European Parliament, organised by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition (BCFN) and hosted by Paolo De Castro, Member of the European Parliament (Socialists & Democrats, Italy). A large number of participants from the institutions, trade associations, businesses, and civil society gathered to discuss the topic of ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Planet’.