Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The Kataras Collection : "Theses on Contemporary Art"

The Kataras Collection of contemporary art is now available in the web, initially with a simple form, to all interested audiences. The collection supports modern art and aims at promoting particularly new artists and movements with the purpose to promote a fertile dialogue of ideas. Indicative list of artists includes: ANGELOU Babis, FASSIANOS Alecos, FIDAKIS Panos, GANOUTAS Ilias, GONTIKAS Aggelos, HERETAKIS Alexandros, HOMATAS Costas, HRISTELI Natasa, LEVENTIS Argyro, MANIATAKOS Anastasios, MARA Magda, MILIONIS Dimitris, PAPOUTSIDIS Nikos-Yorgos, PARMIGIANI Aldo, SPERANTZAS Vasilis, STATHOPOULOS Giorgos and others. The collection aims in the future to embrace all forms of visual expression, including painting and sculpture, drawings, prints, photography, architecture and design, and film and video. To see sample art work from the collection, including artists biographical notes in Greek and English, please click here (Word document, low resolution photos). For more info send email to: info@costaskataras.org (Art work above by LEVENTIS Argyro).