Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Shareholder value as an excuse to dodge taxes?

At first glance, you would think that the CEOs of taxophobic U.S. corporations and our less-than-stellar leaders in Washington have nothing in common. But you'd be wrong. What they share is a lack of shame and an excess of narrow thinking, says FORTUNE. Read more here.

Crafting powerful strategies, the McKinsey way

The essence of strategy is making wise choices about where and how to compete. In this series, McKinsey examines the dynamics of crafting powerful strategies and mobilizing resources to make them happen. The leading strategy consulting firm explains how strategic thought has evolved and where it is headed. Read the series at McKinsey.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

How EU leaders can reinstate democracy and a debt- free Europe

Perhaps the main reason for the current economic crisis is that bankers, starting first in the US with its arrogant  and greedy capitalism, took  control  also in Europe of the real power and decision making from the society and the politicians, establishing the financial tyranny of  our times. As a result, the social construct  of Europe , its welfare system and living standards  all collapsed .
How society could take again control and EU leaders to reinstating democracy, justice and equality in Europe?
The answer is very simple : bankers and all financial transactions should be subject to a fair VAT tax for all their business. If a 10% VAT is applied as a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT),  all the debt of the EU will be erased  from the revenues of this  tax in just 12 months!!
Look in three simple calculations how this works, based on analysis and data provide by the Costas Kataras Organisation ( )
# EU GDP : 13 trillions
# Financial Transactions (FT) in EU: 700% of EU GDP or 100 trillions 
# 100 trillions in FT   X 10% VAT = 10 trillions
 The EU total debt is  at 85% of  GDP or 10 trillions and could be erased in almost one year !!
When a small farmer in Catalonia and a souvlaki restaurant in Crete pays VAT at 15% to 25%  levels, its  only fair for the bankers to pay their share . Besides, as studies suggest, this creates a more  equal and healthier society, for the long term  benefit of all. Including arrogant bankers and greedy hedge funds managers.

( The possible argument that financial transactions are “investments” and not products/ services has been further weakened  after the economic crisis,  and it is not even  worthy of a detailed analysis and debate.)