Thursday, 10 March 2011

Desperate Brands (…for Media )

Media fragmentation—and its resulting complexity of choices—remains the biggest challenge facing Unilever and its agencies. Brands can be part of the answer, by connecting media channels in an organized and compelling way, according to Weed. After all, as he sees it, brands simplify life and can simplify the media scene as well. To Weed, the chief marketing and communication officer at Unilever, modern marketing embraces the convergence of entertainment, media and brands. He reiterated that point several times during an interview at the 4A’s Transformation 2011 conference in Austin, Texas. See more here.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Nice Brands Finish First ? - The Emergence of New Species in the Brand Ecosystem

Analysis is showing that brands today, contrary to what is widely believed are forced both off the market and out of the hearts and minds of people. A number of emerging forces or "known unknowns" have been identified that could have extreme and devastating effects on brands. This leads to the emergence of a New Species in the Brand Ecosystem and the rise of "Nice Brands", a clear winner in the new "brandscape" in comparison to their "Arrogant Brands" counterparts. How to address this colossal corporate threat is a huge challenge for modern corporate leaders and the "Nice Way" strategy proposed could create a clear competitive advantage in our turbulent times. The above was the key massage of the presentation by Costas Kataras at BRANDNEWDAY Conference in Brussels few weeks ago, at the Royal Flemish Theater. At the event were presented new platforms, the shift towards social, content marketing, conversation management.The integration of new media with the classics and the ever changing redefinition of life values by consumers make it both interesting and tough to truly understand the needs of the consumer and to act on them. What's the future of brands and what kind of role does advertising play in it, was a common theme in most discussions. Some of the marketing world's foremost thinkers and talkers concerning this future minded topic presented, including Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer of WPP Group, as opening key-note speaker. To learn more about the Nice Brand paradigm in the emerging new brand ecosystem download for free and read the book “Nice” Capitalism- A Secret Journey to the Death of the Arrogant Brand” click here . If you want a copy of the presentation by Costas Kataras send an email at: or click here. For a Darwinian approach to the essence of the “Nice” Paradigm, see a video series by Richard Dawkins titled “Nice Guys Finish First” here.