Friday, 17 January 2020

The State of Corporate Reputation in 2020

Weber Shandwick  recently took stock of the reputation of business. The study, “The State of Corporate Reputation in 2020: Everything Matters Now”, was conducted in partnership with KRC Research and surveyed executives from 22 markets around the world. The study examines what drives reputation, why it is important to be highly regarded and the benefits that come with having a strong reputation. A primary finding from the research is that reputation today is omnidriven. That is, a company’s portfolio of reputation drivers is no longer dependent on solely a few select factors. Everything matters today, from quality of employees, to quality of products, to financial performance, to corporate culture, to community. The list goes on. In an environment where business leaders are being caught off guard by dangers that seemingly lie in plain sight, companies must ensure they are hyperalert to all factors when working to build and safeguard their reputations. See the report at :